BKS Iyengar and his daughter, Geeta, were always clear about the stages of progression of practice and how poses link with each other like building blocks. Each syllabus has a clear list of poses which create the basis of practice at whatever stage you are at.

In Beginners classes the emphasis is on the standing poses which increase steadiness, strength and stamina. They give a foundation in which you start the exploration of alignment. You are introduced to the poses on the Introductory syllabus and you learn how to do shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) gradually to build up your strength so that you can hold the pose for longer. You learn the fundamental sitting poses, forward bends, twists and simple backbends.

At General level the poses will be mainly taken from the Introductory syllabus and poses from the Intermediate syllabuses are introduced. The Introductory poses will be held for longer and explored in more detail. The Intermediate poses will help you understand and perform the Beginner poses better. Inverted poses such as headstand (Sirsasana) will be introduced. You will be taught to stay in shoulderstand  and headstand for some minutes but always within your capability. With the introduction of additional postures and a greater emphasis on moving deeper into each posture these classes help you go further on your yoga journey. There is also a chance to learn the restorative poses and an introduction to some basic pranayama techniques both of which are essential for wellbeing

Are you ready to move up to General yoga classes?

The question of whether you are ready to move up to a General class may have occurred to you, but perhaps you are not clear about what General level might be like. Is it full of people who already know what they are doing? Will the teacher expect me to know the names of the poses? Should I already be practising headstand? General classes are designed to help you further your practice by exploring the poses in greater depth and introducing the inversions in a clear way. The teacher is there to guide you.

We have a workshop for Beginner students who are thinking of moving up to General Level – so now’s your chance. Anybody who has attended Beginners classes regularly for about 2 years is welcome. 

Beginners: Moving up to General Level Workshop with Judy Lynn

Sunday 12 May

11.15 am -2.15 pm

Members £30 / Non-members £33

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