Judy Smith teaching a yoga class at Iyengar Yoga London

NEW Hybrid Classes

We are introducing hybrid classes to the timetable this month. Hybrid classes are studio classes that are simultaneously livestreamed and made available to students remotely.

Initially we are offering two weekly hybrid classes:

Monday General Level with Judy Smith
10.30AM – 12.00PM

Tuesday  General Level with Megan
9.30 – 11.00AM

These classes are listed on the timetable as Livestream (Hybrid) to differentiate them from pure Livestream classes.


Hybrid Class Prices

The price to attend a Hybrid Class in the studio is the same as a regular studio class, £14.25 for members and £18.50 for visitors.

However, we are offering the Livestream (Hybrid) at an introductory trial price of £10 for members and visitors until the end of the year.

We are aware that there may be less interaction between the teacher and remote students than is possible during a pure Livestream Class. The trial price period will allow us to gather feedback from students and teachers to understand if this is the case. We will be reviewing the Livestream Hybrid class pricing at the end of the year.

View the timetable here >

If you have any ideas or feedback about hybrid classes please email us at office@iyengaryogalondon.co.uk

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