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15 May 2018|

By Patrick Marmion Is the mind a figment of the body or the body a figment of the mind? This is the kind of chicken and egg question that keeps me awake at night. An enthusiasm for such questions was partly what led me to the radical psychiatrist RD Laing and made me write a play about him staged at Hackney’s Arcola Theatre in 2015. […]

Garth McLean on Iyengar yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

30 July 2017|

Garth McLean was a busy professional whose life changed dramatically when he received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. He has become a renowned Iyengar yoga teacher and has helped and inspired teachers and students with MS around the world. […]

Scoliosis and Iyengar yoga

26 July 2016|

Naomi Gorta-Slight shares her experience of using a programme of remedial Iyengar yoga during adolescence to reduce her scoliosis and avoid surgery. […]

Iyengar yoga and the Menopause

8 September 2015|

Judi Sweeting is a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and runs the Cotswold Iyengar yoga Centre in Cirencester.  Here she recounts her experience of the menopause followed by the accounts of two other longstanding practitioners. These stories show how the experience of menopause varies from woman to woman and how Iyengar yoga played an important part during this important transition in their lives. […]

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