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  • Easter Holiday Timetable

    Published On: 7 April 2022
  • 14 December – Guruji’s Birth Anniversary Class

    Published On: 2 December 2021

    Join us on 14 December at 6pm for a two hour Livestream General class with Marco Cannavo in honour of Guruji’s birth anniversary. There will be readings and the class will be an opportunity to mark this auspicious day together with gratitude and dedicated practice.

  • NEW Yoga Gift Cards

    Published On: 9 November 2021
  • Congratulations Aparecida!

    Published On: 10 October 2021
  • Introducing the Studio and Livestream Hybrid Class

    Published On: 9 October 2021
  • Starting 3 October: Pregnancy Yoga Class

    Published On: 21 September 2021

Blog categories


  • Yoga and the creative arts

    Published On: 5 August 2021

    For all of us, yoga can be a wonderful counterbalance to work, bringing us energy and focus and easing out our knots and strains. For the artist, yoga can relate very closely indeed to the creative process. Reflection and action; precision, stamina and courage; the freedom to search deep within […]

  • Online Classes – A Student’s Perspective

    Published On: 23 July 2021

    By Lucy I have been a fan of Iyengar Yoga London since attending my first introductory class in Maida Vale in 2014. I had been inspired to sign up after hearing an obituary of BKS Iyengar on the radio. That first class felt like coming home for me. My siblings […]

  • VIDEO – Yoga Asana Through the Ages

    Published On: 22 June 2021
  • Amparo Rodriguez on the joys of early morning yoga practice

    Published On: 24 May 2021
  • Livestream Classes with Rajvi Mehta

    Published On: 17 May 2021
  • Pune Pants – A Brief History

    Published On: 13 April 2021

Teacher interviews

  • An interview with Richard Agar Ward

    Published On: 25 August 2021

    Richard Agar Ward is one of the most senior and long-standing teachers at Iyengar Yoga London. Here he shares his yoga beginnings and his first meeting with Guruji with us.

  • VIDEO – Yoga Asana Through the Ages

    Published On: 22 June 2021

    In this fascinating talk senior Iyengar yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Sallie Sullivan, looks at how yoga postures have been represented on paper and in stone through the millennia and compares the instructions in ancient text to BKS Iyengar’s Light On Yoga.

  • The Iyengar Yoga London Outreach Programme – A Lockdown Update

    Published On: 30 January 2021

    One of Iyengar Yoga London’s objectives is to make yoga as accessible as possible to people in our local area. In 2017, the centre launched an outreach programme to help subsidise Iyengar yoga classes for vulnerable and disadvantaged adults. Iyengar yoga teachers were invited to apply for a six month […]

Remedial yoga

  • Iyengar yoga Sequence for Colds

    Published On: 29 March 2020

    During the winter months, when the immune system is compromised, we suggest the following sequence outlined by BKS Iyengar 

  • Yoga and mental health

    Published On: 15 May 2018

    By Patrick Marmion Is the mind a figment of the body or the body a figment of the mind? This is the kind of chicken and egg question that keeps me awake at night. An enthusiasm for such questions was partly what led me to the radical psychiatrist RD Laing and […]

  • Garth McLean on Iyengar yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

    Published On: 30 July 2017

    Garth McLean was a busy professional whose life changed dramatically when he received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. He has become a renowned Iyengar yoga teacher and has helped and inspired teachers and students with MS around the world.

Yoga philosophy

  • The science and philosophy of OM-AUM

    Published On: 31 July 2020

    When going to a yoga class for the very first time, some students may be surprised that we start the class chanting ‘Om’ three times. Ainhoa Acosta takes a closer look at the practice and its roots.

  • BKS Iyengar on yoga practice and ageing

    Published On: 11 July 2016

    At 92 years of age BKS Iyengar continued to practise yoga for several hours each day. Here he describes how his practice changed with age and offers advice to students on yoga in later life.

  • Yehudi Menuhin and BKS Iyengar’s transformative friendship

    Published On: 22 March 2016

    Rarely has there been a more unusual friendship than that between Jewish-American virtuoso violinist Yehudi Menuhin and BKS Iyengar.