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  • Published On: 5 September 2023

    NEW Hybrid Classes We are introducing hybrid classes to the timetable this month. Hybrid classes are studio classes that are simultaneously livestreamed and made available to students remotely. Initially we are offering two weekly hybrid classes: Monday General Level with Judy Smith 10.30AM – 12.00PM Tuesday  General Level with Megan […]

  • Published On: 26 June 2023

    7 Day Visitor’s Pass £36 We’ve been welcoming visiting students from around the UK and around the world since B.K.S. Iyengar opened our centre over thirty years ago. To make it easy to keep up your practice while you’re in town, we offer a 7 Day Pass for visiting students. […]

  • Published On: 26 June 2023

    Why practise difficult asanas? Light on Yoga can be considered as one of the classical texts on yoga in the modern era, having inspired and continuing to enthuse millions. But there is a group of readers who get nervous and overwhelmed by seeing the advanced asanas like the Eka Pada […]

  • Published On: 13 February 2023

    Research Article – Yoga for People living with Multiple Sclerosis Yoga therapy teacher, Korinna Pilafidis-Williams, runs a class for neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis and parkinsons at Iyengar Yoga London. MS is an incurable neurodegenerative and chronic inflammatory disease that affects the central nervous system. In Europe and North America, […]

  • Published On: 2 February 2023

    IYL House Photographer – Cassian Gray We are excited to let you know that we have appointed our first House Photographer. Cassian Gray holds a BA in Photography and his work featured has featured in the British Journal of Photography, The Telegraph, and Creative Review. He describes his approach as, […]

  • Published On: 30 January 2023

    Embedding an inclusive, diverse and equitable Iyengar yoga teaching culture Jaki Nett, the first African American Iyengar yoga teacher to be awarded senior certification, is leading this year’s Iyengar Yoga (UK) Convention. As part of the programme, there will be a livestream discussion and Q&A on inclusion, diversity and equity […]