Yoga props for home practice

Many of us improvise props at home and this can work perfectly well for home practice and livestream classes. But, if you would like to upgrade from books, towels and cushions we can recommend the selection of equipment below. We have chosen props that are similar to the ones we use at Maida Vale so that they will be familiar and easy to work with if you have attended classes at our studios.

Balance Yoga Mat £28 View now >

Foam Brick At Maida Vale we use wooden, foam and cork bricks. Foam is a good option for your home practice as it is lighter and less expensive than wood. £7 View now >

Cork Brick Cork bricks are slightly heavier than foam so some students find them slightly more stable to work with. £12 View now >

Yoga Belt £7.50 View now >

Foam Block £6 View now >

Natural Cotton Blanket New blankets can shed rather a lot of fluff. Try washing your blanket before use to minimise shedding. £24 View now >

Chair with Front Bar £40 View now >

Tall Chair At Maida Vale we have longer-legged chairs like this one for tall students. £45 View now >

Bolster New bolsters can be a bit big and puffy. Over time they settle, soften and become more comfortable to use. £38 View now >

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