In order to provide face-to-face classes we have carried out a risk assessment and have worked to ensure that the centre is ‘COVID-secure’. We have taken all reasonable steps to minimise the risks to those who attend the building.

Please ensure that you observe the rules and ensure that others do so. Teachers bear particular responsibility for ensuring compliance with the rules in the studio and they will be supported in this by the board, management and teaching committee.

The measures adopted are as follows. Those in bold are particularly to be observed and enforced by teachers:

  • Students should not book a class or attend the studios if they have any of the indicating symptoms of COVID-19, or have a cold or other flu-like symptoms.
  • The number of students attending studio classes is limited to a maximum of 18.
  • Students must book and pay online or by telephone.
  • Students should arrive, so far as possible, ready to practise yoga, as use of the changing areas is limited.
  • On arrival, everyone should check their temperature using the infrared thermometer provided at the entrance.
  • A student or teacher registering an abnormally high temperature will not be allowed into the class. An alarm will sound if an unusually high temperature is recorded.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the building from non-touch dispensers.
  • Students should wear masks in the reception and common areas on entry to the building and when leaving.
  • Students must bring their own mats and belts.
  • Use of studio equipment is strictly limited to metal chairs, wooden equipment and a limited number of foam blocks. We rely on teachers to ensure that these restrictions are observed.
  • Any equipment used must be cleaned by the students before and after use, using the cleaning materials and non-touch bins provided in the studios. Teachers should ensure this is done before leaving the studio.
  • Mats must be placed in the areas marked on the studio floor.
  • Teachers and students must observe social distancing throughout the class.
  • There should be no chanting, and rope or wall-work should be kept to a minimum.
  • Teachers must be prepared to adapt their teaching throughout the class to ensure social distancing. Consequently, there should be no hands-on adjustments.

We have also arranged for additional cleaning in the building between classes and allowed sufficient time for one group of students to leave the building before another group is due to arrive.

  • Screens have been installed at the reception desk to provide a barrier between staff and students.
  • Non-touch hand sanitiser dispensers are provided by each studio door and elsewhere.
  • The studio floors and lower walls between the ropes will be cleaned between classes.
  • WC’s, changing rooms and common areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Additional signs in the WC’s remind users to wash their hands and to use the non-touch driers provided. Driers are also fitted with hepa filters to restrict the recirculation of contaminated air.
  • For busier classes, two exits may be used to ensure the building is cleared quickly and efficiently, and to avoid overcrowding in the shoe areas.

So long as we all observe the limitations to use of the facilities in the current circumstances, we may continue to provide classes safely.

These are legal requirements that may be checked at any time by compliance officers of the local authority or the police. Non-compliance may lead to fines and/or to a class or classes being cancelled.

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