BKS Iyengar observed that ‘a good teacher helps you explore to the maximum’ and this description will ring true to anyone who has found themselves leaving a class feeling inspired and restored. It is through dedication to their own development that Iyengar yoga teachers are able to guide their students courageously and safely.

We are lucky to have an exceptional group of teachers at Maida Vale and we’re proud to announce that Marco Cannavo, Ofra Graham, Barbara Norvell and Kate Rathod have all recently passed senior assessments.

Marco Cannavo Senior Intermediate Level 2
Ofra Graham Senior Intermediate Level 2
Barbara Norvell Senior Intermediate Level 1
Kate Rathod Senior Intermediate Level 1

Congratulations to Kate, Marco, Barbara and Ofra – thank you for your dedication and inspirational teaching!



The Iyengar yoga certification symbol is used exclusively by teachers across the world as an international standard of excellence in training and continuing education in the Iyengar method. The success and growth of Iyengar yoga are in large part due to the rigorous standards that were set by BKS Iyengar and now maintained by the Iyengar family. These standards are reflected in the length and thoroughness of the training courses.

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